Friday, May 20, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder About Myself

I love change.

It also terrifies me.

I'm scared shitless about going to college this fall. I don't want to do it, because I'm cared of failure. I've been at the same school for four years, and I've changed so much since I walked into the building. I was scared of meeting new people, so I latched onto my sisters friends.

I left that group, became sad and then found new friends. Well, new friends found me.

I wish I was a kid again.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canadian Politics

Last night, the results came in for the federal election. The Conservative Party has won a majority. And, strangely enough, the NDP have upset the Liberals and are now the official Opposition. What does this mean for Canada? Stay tuned to find out. Just not tuned here, because I lose interest in thing quickly.

I have always been a Conservative girl. My father is Conservative and loudly opinionated about it. I like to parrot the opinions of those close to me, so don't take too much of what I say for truth. I personally think that the NDP are not a good choice for government. That being said, as the official opposition, they might do some good. Just please, please for the love of god, do not elect them to run anything. We cannot, as a country, afford NDP policies. We can, however, afford their ideals so long as they're budgeted properly.

The Liberals being upset was probably the most shocking to me. It's always been, in Canada, a two party system. Conservative Minority with a Liberal opposition, and vice versa. Occasionally one of them will get a majority, but it doesn't happen that much. We're a cautious buch, Canadians.

A lot of people (a stupid amount, really) are worried about Canada becoming a police state now that Harper has a majority government. Hmm, it's not like he hasn't been Prime Minister for a while already. He's going to go mad with power, no matter how much political experience he has.

Yeah right, kids. Last time I checked, the only time Canada was put into a state of martial law was during the FLQ terrorist acts. And wait, wasn't it a Liberal who was in power? Call me crazy, but I really don't think Harper is going to do the same thing. He's done this before. Calm down everyone. Let your beloved NDP slow him down, if you like. There's a lot of them. Not too many, however, with political experience.

But whatever, you know. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Mine is that not a lot is going to change. Get over it.

I hope that the Libs smarten up and put someone actually likeable in charge of their party though. They have a perfectly gorgeous mini-Trudeau just sitting around. Seriously, if they wait till he's old and gross before they let him run, I will be so mad. He's already like 40, guys.