Current Projects

Currently I am working on two novels and and undetermined number of short stories.

Ghost is the story of Ademitha Green, a fifteen year old girl struggling with her temper, the parent enforced changes in her life, and her out of control magic. Things begin changing for the worse when her mother decides that they'd be better off moving back to Andera city, a place Demi hasn't seen in ten years.

But just when she's beginning to settle into her new home (grudgingly, of course), Demi's brother, Rowan, is kidnapped. She sets off to find him, accompanied by the Duke's well-meaning son, Rio. But what do these people want with Rowan? And why does Rio keep looking at her like that?

Ghost is a fantasy novel set in an alternate Europe.

Gen wants nothing more than to get through the rest of high school in one piece. Should be simple, right? Not so much. Her imaginary childhood friend, Zephyr turns up again, asking for her help to evade a mysterious group of sorcerers called the Patroni. And if that's not complicated enough, her ex-boyfriend, Dan has been acting weird. Not just "I want you back" weird. More like, "My soul has been claimed by a guardian of Hell" weird. And speaking of wierd, exactly what is up with Gabriel Levi?

To further complicate things, Gen has two younger brothers that drive her nuts, a step-mom who hates her dog, and a mother who's gone missing. Oh, and the Patroni  have decided she's a threat to their operation, and are attempting to make sure she doesn't interfere. Ever.

Divided is  based off of the short story collection, Promises to keep. It's an urban fantasy.