Saturday, January 22, 2011


As the spinning threads of consciousness
Weave life before our starry eyes
A golden tapestry of light
That flies on through the azure skies,
And circles the earth twice
To old woods full of careful memories
And the recollection of days long past
Where the shining words of bird-song
Elusively whisper where echoes last
Until all of the silence is gone
To the tallest mountain in memory
And listen as it tells its weary tale
Learn the exotic whisper of the wind
And follow it on well worn trail
Until you reach the end
The faded words of well worn books
And imprint ink upon your beating heart
Let the trailing dark of knowledge flow
And turn back to the whirling part
Where your own story goes
As the sparkling thoughts of wilderness
Run wild on through the diamond air
Mesh with the glassy water’s flow
The endless light of starshine there
Reflecting the whole world
With the humming of humanity loud in your ears
Until the sweet sounds of nightfall escape
Their bonds of iron- silvery laughter echoes, and,
Rushes through the panoramic view of your dreamscape
Until the beams of sun lift up your heavy mind
Until fading angels call us home
And the world melts into sounds and strife,
Stark against the darkness of eternity
And we clasp to our souls twirling strands of life
And begin at the end of the sky 

This is a Poem I wrote a few years ago and published in my schools annual anthology of art and literature. I like it, so I figured I might as well share it. 

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