Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CD Palooza

Today, Brittany, Megs and I became a CD factory.Britt was doing special, limited edition Howler EPs because they're going to be recording a proper album soon. I'm pretty excited for them.

But anyway, Brit decided to do this this morning, apparently. She asked me if my laptop burned CDs last night, so I figured something was up. But I didn't expect the large scale awesome that she  had planned. She drew a picture on every single one of the EPs, all of them different and origional. It was pretty fun. I sketched out a few of them and burned the CDs while she drew and inked them, and Megs cut, folded and glued all of the covers.

There's one or two that were made after this picture was taken, but ah well. It was fun to make them. The dark lines that you can see are all Brit's. She has an awesome style, no? I hope they sold well tonight. I should ask her. I think there were 20 of them altogether. Aren't they gawgeous? Not as gawgeous as Brittany herself, of course. (: Here's a video for their song Jesse James if you're interested in beautiful, talented people.

Props to my Howlin' friend! 20 personalized, hand drawn CDs in one day? Accomplished. Now would be a good time for our awesome fist-bump robot handshake.

I'm responsible for the pencil lines of about three of the CDs in the above image. She did the pen for them, and did the rest all by her lonesome. Hope their show at Mansion went well. (: I couldn't go because my sister had basketball and my parents were driving her out. And Monica is too lame to drive me places.

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