Saturday, April 2, 2011


My characters are all such idiots. I love it. Here, have some excerpt. (: Any feedback would be hugely appreciated, as this story is going to be making it's Inkpop première soon! I'm only 2 days away from 10,000 words! :o

“I’m sorry I brought them here.”
                Gen half opened her eyes, turning over in her bed, sheets tangling around her legs. “Hello?” She asked, sitting up and pushing her hair out of her face. “Who’s there?” She squinted, but couldn’t make out anything from the darkness in the room.
                “I didn’t mean to bring them here, Gen. I thought that I lost them when-“The voice halted, unsure. “I’m so sorry. You could have gotten hurt.”
                “I’m fine.” Gen said, flopping back down. “Don’t worry ‘bout it.” She yawned.
                “Remember me, Gen. Learn to see again. Please.”
                ‘Alright,” Gen rolled over, closing her eyes again. “I’ll do that. In the morning.”
                “You’re a tool.”
                “Thanks, Zeph.”
                “Zeph!” Gen bolted upright, looking around the room wildly. Light poured in from the windows now, illuminating the room with a soft golden glow. “Zeph!” She repeated, throwing her covers off her legs and searching the room. “Where are you?”

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