Thursday, March 10, 2011


 Hey Everyone. Been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that. I got distracted by the sledgehammer being constantly beaten into my head. Not for real. It's a metaphorical sledgehammer. It still hurts like a bitch though.

Because you're all such beautiful people, I have something nice for you. Here's an excerpt from the beginning of my novel project My Soul To Keep (I seriously need a new title. Help me out here). It's very vague.

 He flew through the trees, glancing back over his shoulder often, trying to catch sight of his pursuers. He could hear them, shouting to each other, he could see the glimpses of coloured light, ready to lance out and touch him, to drain him away. He ran faster, pumping his legs with all the power he could.
                His lungs burned, his chest ached. He was too weak to get away. One of their lights had hit him. He couldn’t shift to a safer form, anymore. He was trapped in his body. His slowly weakening, fragile body. Soon they would be upon him, and he would feel their teeth as they tore him to shreds. They would kill him, as they killed everyone like him. He had managed to evade them for years. How had they caught up with him now?
                He tried to remember the last time he’d felt safe. It had been so long. A face swam slowly up to the surface of his mind. A girl’s face, smiling at him, a tooth missing from her wide grin. She had been so young, and yet had offered him more protection than anyone else ever had. Offered him friendship, compassion. And then, suddenly, she had stopped visiting. He didn’t know why. He had seen her, walking near the path, wistful and sad, and then she never came back.
Would she remember him? She would be older now. She would help him. She had to.
                Could she be strong enough to protect him from the hunters?
                Maybe. A goal in mind, he sped up again, leaving the hunters behind.  He wouldn’t be able to keep his breakneck pace for long, but that didn’t matter. She would save him. He would be able to rest when he found her.
                For now, that was enough to sustain him. He burst out of the cover of trees, and onto the road and into a pair of blinding lights. 

Intrigued yet? I hope so!

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  1. Very nice.
    Flashback? Check.
    Foreshadowing? Check.
    Setting the scene? Yes.
    Super vague? Yes and yes.

    Overall nice intro.